Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2's Day

Back to work. Feels good actually. I am rested after a fairly common Forth of July weekend. Had the grand kids over one night. Cleaned up some puke and poop. Made me appreciate my dog Cooper more. His poop, in the yard, is easily scooped with a shovel. The grand kid's is spackled up the crack of their ass and in some cases halfway up their back. When Parker and Ethan are 4 and 6 I'm all in as a grand dad. Until then, I'm keeping it as day visits with at least one parent in the near vicinity. Just kidding of course. Grand kids are good for the soul.

Had my brother Greg, his 1 year old son Kai, and my mother over on the Forth for BBQ and swimming. That turned out nice. With all the recent rain and cloud cover the pool temp backed down to a refreshing 84. Very pleasant. The burgers and dogs felt about right for this day.

Got sucked into a movie over the weekend called Julie / Julia that turned out to be a gem. Julie blogged about completing, in a year, every recipe in Julia Child's book. Meryl Streep knocked it out of the park with her Julia Child part. My favorite scene was Julie and her husband watching Dan Aykroyd's skit of Julia Child where he accidentally cuts himself deboning a chicken. The other thing I like about this movie as that everyone has either a martini or a glass of wine in their hands all the time. This movie also gave me an appreciation for blogs. It made me want to find a good topic to blog about. So here goes the trial balloon.

A random picture of my dog Cooper to test my uploading skills.

Speaking of martinis. I perfected the Ginger Figgle Martini. An absolutely yummy summer cocktail. Its spicy and sweet. With properly chilled vodka in a perfectly chilled martini glass, I have to say it is among my new favorite cocktail.

I expect a quiet week. It's summer. Lots of folks on vacation. That is a great idea.

Cheers! Scott

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  1. I completely enjoyed reading your blog, it was very interesting. I especialy enjoyed all the remarks describing those close to you. It makes me want to find out what my daughter got herself into and what you are going to do to get yourself out. Keep it coming, I hope to read more when I log back on at a later date. You have a nack for words and put them together quite well. You know who!!!!