About Us

I told Michelle one day that we should start a blog about food and stuff.  She said "lets call it The Foodie Spot".  It was as simple as that.  Michelle and I like to fine dine with the best of them.  We both have a talent for being served.  However, what we REALLY like to do is make our own dishes.  We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorites.  Sometimes we start a dish and end up in a different place than originally planned, so this blog is also a way for me to remember where in the hell I went.

We both have been cooking all our lives and learned from our mothers and grandmothers.  Michelle's experiences came from the chefs putting out the great gulf coast seafood found in Panama City, FL where she grew up.  She also spent years working with a delightful German lady who taught cooking classes at a her gourmet food store in PC.  Michelle has taught me about Apalachicola Bay oysters, perfectly pan seared Scamp, and many German dandies.  

I am blessed with a southern mom armed with southern recipes.  My brother is a talented Italian chef working here in Houston.  Long ago, I was drawn to the grill and all things Texas.  With many trips to Mexico and south Texas under my belt I tend to lean towards the southwestern side of food.  Make it big, bold and smokey is my default style.  When in doubt, wrap it in a corn tortilla.

Together, we aim to tell you about what we're cooking and how we got there.  We hope you enjoy the stories and the food.  Welcome to The Foodie Spot.

Cheers!  Scott & Michelle

Contact us via email at scottmoorejr@gmail.com